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About Learning at Work

Learning at Work was formed in 2007 to provide an outlet for FE Colleges to share best practice, link to key FE sector bodies and offer a national delivery mechanism to learners and employers.

This forum expanded rapidly and we now provide a variety of services to the FE sector, including high-quality learning materials that are available online and in hard copy, access to priority learners through our dedicated call centre in Leeds and funding and curriculum support. We have also helped employers – including HC-One, Rentokil Initial, BUPA, Barchester Healthcare, Interserve and G4S – with their training requirements.

Our experienced team has worked alongside numerous providers and employers to maximise key initiatives that support the delivery of recognised training, leading to accredited qualifications. Our testimonial page is proof of the strong working partnerships that we create and how our services have assisted a range of organisations to meet their objectives.

In November 2013 the Learning Curve Group acquired Learning at Work. In 12/13 Learning Curve were the market leading subcontractor in the FE sector working with 39 Colleges to offer delivery solutions for adult, NEET and unemployed learners. Overall success rates were 93% and over 49,000 of their students used Learning at Work materials to gain nationally accredited qualifications. This development builds on the existing close working relationship we created as one of their key suppliers. LaW continues to trade as normal from our base in Leeds, and will retain the current branding, existing staff team and management structure.

We believe that we practice what we preach and have a clear strategy on the development of our employees and their access to training programmes. All employees undertake the NCFE Equality and Diversity Level 2 qualification and we have also rolled out other short technical certificate courses to the team. In 2008, we took on a 16-year-old apprentice, Emma, who was looking to learn skills within a working environment. During her time with the company she completed her Business Administration Apprenticeship at Level 2 and Level 3. This meant she worked four days in the office and had a one-day placement at a local college. We structured her payments above the recommended Apprenticeship salary and complemented this with a bonus scheme that rewarded her when she reached personal development milestones or hit company targets. Emma found the experience extremely valuable and adapted well to the rigours of the workplace, meaning that she was far more sought after by potential employers, compared to peers who had solely studied within an academic environment. Her career is progressing beyond her initial expectations and she was a real credit to the Apprenticeship scheme and her college provider. This has been replicated each year since then and we currently have three Apprentices working within the company.

Our commitment to the environment mirrors our overall Corporate Social Responsibilities and we ensure that we reduce our impact on the Earth’s resources wherever possible. Our biggest use of resources centres on the production of our learning materials. Therefore we ensure that we use a printing company who share our respect for the environment.

They are rightly proud of their Forestry Stewardship Council accreditation, which was acquired in May 2008. This is a prestigious award connected with the ‘Chain of Custody’ certification that promotes responsible forestry and implements a system that traces products back to their forest of origin. Certified companies are required to monitor supply chain conditions and integrate review procedures into their production operations. Learning at Work uses this stock as opposed to other, less sustainable stock.

Where possible we aim to reduce, reuse and recycle all materials to minimise waste. We use environmentally responsible suppliers and sub-contractors in order to minimise pollution, and we use energy as efficiently as possible.

The measures taken in this area specifically include:

Wrapping / packaging

  • We minimise the amount of packaging used when delivering the materials or mailshots wherever possible
  • All packing materials are made of recycled materials
  • We operate a take-back policy on packaging materials if required by our customers

Paper, ink and chemistry materials

  • We use FSC and recycled stock for our learning materials
  • Inks used within the learning materials are all vegetable-based
  • The printing plates are reused and recycled

Waste disposal

  • All waste ink, coating solvent and processor chemicals, along with the blankets, including the empty ink tins, are collected by a licensed company called Press Chem Ltd.
  • All waste paper is recycled


  • We encourage clients to adopt a digital sign-off process wherever practical, to reduce paper and mileage during this stage of production
  • We use couriers where practical, to avoid single-delivery journeys

Energy, water usage and carbon emissions reduction

  • The print run process uses less waste, reducing paper, ink and energy consumption than traditional methods
  • We look for every opportunity to reduce our water usage during print production.

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Company registered address: Learning at Work, c/o Smith Wilson Ltd, 2A Acomb Court, Acomb, York, North Yorkshire YO24 3BJ

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VAT No: 997 6291 47

Directors: Jon Cummins, Tony Outhart, Brenda McLeish, Judith Moran, Heather Turner and Julie Gilhespie

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